Love Force Mid Autumn Dinner 2019

📅 :16.09.19
🏠📍🇱🇷 :崇文华小大礼堂
受益孤儿 :280人
受益老人 :203人
又是一年一度的中秋节在这里要感谢所有的委员商家还有一路支持的兄弟姐妹,我们爱🈚極慈善之🏠会用❤去做让我帮助每位需要帮助的人 尤其是每段的新生命和维持有需要人的生活。
为善最乐❤, 由我开始!
祝福你 ❤❤❤
Love Force Mid Autumn Dinner 2019
Date: 16.09.19
Location: SJK (C) Choong Wen
Orphan: 280 people
Old Folk: 203 people
Total sponsors of 17 organisations and total attendance of 1160 attending the event.
Once again, thank you to all of our committee and everyone that has always supported our event. We promise to give our best to help each and everyone as well as create a better future for them.
Roses for you🌹Leaves a handful of fragrance; Begin with me❤Leaves euphoria an entrance!