Founded in 2006 as a non-profit charitable organization in Malaysia, Love Force House of Charity. It was created by a group of passionate and caritative individuals from diverse industries. Love Force House of Charity looks after the unfortunate / disadvantaged in society, supplying them with essential services , human resources and financial support. They provide much needed attention to education, as well as upholding the spirit of helping one another as supporting those in need often strengthens us, allowing life to be sustained by itself.


Love Force House of Charity provides the society with a platform without any distinction. Allowing those in need to find a place of solace, and allowing generous individuals to have a channel to lend a helping hand. This allows these devotion to pass through eternity through generations.


Cultivate a loving community where everyone helps each other no matter who they are. To encourage charitable acts to enter society, and to warm many hearts.


In Chinese, ‘爱无极’ is translated into the power of love that has no limits or boundaries. Through dedication and commitment an individual can go beyond their limits and achieve their accomplishments.

Diamond or titanium heart, in an old saying, symbolizes strong will and conviction with great power to transmit great love.



See that magnificent smile, pure white theme and cute look on the mascot; it represents Love Force House of Charity and it has beautiful meanings.

The white color stands for innocence and a loyal dedication to love. The green grass above stands for a fertile soil enriched with seeds of love and compassion on a global scale.

Though the seed appears small at the moment, it will grow over time into a massive tree of charity and ensure love is spread on a global scale.



The Love Force House of Charity has a uniform that richly represents its culture with its versatile green, blue, white, black, orange and purple colors. These vibrant colors reflect the positive force that guides people out of darkness. The core of the diamond ”titanium” represents perseverance and loyalty to charitable organizations and emphasizes that the power of love will not be shaken. No matter how challenging it gets, Love Force House of Charity will continue to thread the path of charity. Great and loyal love will remain a light and beacon of hope for the benefit of the society.