A Visit to 林明村 Sungai Lembing

爱🈚極🇲🇾 慈善之家
📅 :2019年11🈷25日
🏠📍🇲🇾: 林明村 sungai Lembing
🏎 出发点 :crazy kopitiam Sri petaling
🚙🕰 : 276.6 km
🚗 : 3 小时17分钟
爱❤义工 :全体愛無極慈善之家委员
受益人数 :林明村一对老夫妻
乐捐: 在委员们出发去orang asli 村之前负责人向委员们说出了有一对老夫妻因为之前发生的一场大火 烧毁了他们居住的家 面对着困难的生活 所幸有善心人士经营名宿生意 收留了这对老夫妻 给他们有个温暖的小窝 爱無極慈善之家的委员们就决定赞助长期的膳食给这对老夫妻 希望他们能好好修养 安心的过日子
为善最乐❤, 由我开始!
祝福你 ❤❤️❤️
Love Force House of Charity
Date: 25th Nov 2019
Location: Sungai Lembing
Departure: Crazy Kopitiam, Sri Petaling
Distance: 277km/ 3 hours 17 minutes
Volunteers: All Loveforce Committee Member
Beneficiary: A Old Couple of Sungai Lembing
Donation Items: Before we depart to orang asli village, the person in charge told us a old couple of sungai lembing lost their house in the fire last several month. There are kind-hearted airbnb owner provided them a living space and we decided to sponsor their meal for lifetime as a giving to reduce their burden of life.
Roses for you, Leaves handful of fragrance;
Begin with me, Leave euphoria an entrance.