Love Force Food Distribution in Desa Mentari [19/01/2021]

We were incredibly honoured and excited to have been a part of Muhibbah FoodBank Malaysia’s Caring 500 food distribution programme in Desa Mentari right before MCO 2.0.
There was a strong sense of unity & love in the air as dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly from 10AM till 4PM, ensuring everyone adhered to SOPs and received their food items. We strongly believe that no one should be left behind, and so together with our partners, we also made sure to deliver care packages to 7 families who had difficulties queuing up at the hall. We took the time to enjoy the homely, well-kempt community spaces adorned with murals, and were greeted with welcoming faces and brightened spirits from the families.
After a long afternoon in Bandar Sunway, we visited Sri Sarawak Public Housing in Kuala Lumpur, bringing with us our remaining contributions for two families, as well as vegetarian meals that were shared amongst the residents there. As we spent more time with the residents, some children decided to have a picnic, and even took the cartons we used to carry the contributions to play! It was a moment of pure joy for the children as they put on a “lion dance” performance, while we looked on in wonder, appreciating and being reminded of the innovation & creativity that our future generation holds. Not a grain of our effort is going to waste!
As the saying goes, “united we stand, divided we fall”. We’d like to extend our appreciation to Muhibbah Food Bank for partnering with us, as well as all other partners and the tireless group of volunteers that contributed to the Caring 500 programme.