FMCO TTDI Longhouse Relief

FMCO TTDI Longhouse Relief

The FMCO has affected many people, especially those who are working hard to make ends meet. This includes the livelihood of residents at Rumah Panjang TTDI. Many of them are taxi drivers and office cleaners, who are struggling to make a living during the pandemic.

Recently, Sivakumar from the Bukit Kiara Rumah Panjang Residents Association reached out to us for help. We immediately arranged and sent 100 care packages to the residents and give them some relief. This couldn’t have been possible without our kind sponsors 大王BiG WanG Live Shopee and team, as well as the speedy organisation & distribution from Sivakumar & his team.

Love Force is dedicated to help in whatever way we can the underprivileged. We hope that our help can provide a little relief for those are affected by the pandemic. However, we still hope that there will be more long term and sustainable solutions to overcome their problems.






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