A Visit to Rumah Children

爱🈚極🇲🇾 慈善之家
📅 :2019年10🈷19日
🏠📍🇲🇾: 大慈讲堂儿童之家
🏎 出发点 :Crazy kopitiam ,Sri petaling
🚙🕰 :22分钟
🚗 :14KM
爱❤义工 :6人
受益人数 :员工4人兒童17人
这里的小孩子都是没有收费的 这里大部分的小孩都是家庭暴力 单亲妈妈 怀疑是生孩子来卖 还有一个小孩的妈妈是越南来这里有了 然后生出来就放在隔壁家说要出去一下帮忙照顾一下就一去不回 然后好心人就把她送来中心。
之前这家中心是在这里附近的住家帮一位有心人租一块钱一个月 现在已经有自己的房屋了 搬过来这里已经3个月了。
为善最乐❤, 由我开始!
祝福你 ❤❤❤
Love Force House of Charity
Date: 19th Oct 2019
Location: Da Ci Jiang Tang
Departure Location: Crazy Kopitiam, Sri Petaling
Distance: 22 minutes /14KM
Volunteer: 6 person
Beneficiary: 17 kids and 4 staffs
Activity: house keeping, lunch, install mosquitoes net.
Chairperson: 燕妮 (Yan Nee)
This center established for 8 years since 29th Sept 2011.
These childrens are fee free. Most of the children because of family violence, single parent family, and of the children from Vietnam. The mother leave the children to her neighbour and didn’t come back after that the neighbour send the children to this center.
Before this they rented a house from a kind hearted landlord for only RM1 a month and they are moved to new owned house for about 3 months.
Roses for you, Leaves a Handful of fragrance;
Begin with me, Leave euphoria an entrance!