A Visit to Rumah Charis

主办单位: 恩惠之家 Rumah Charis
联办单位: 爱🈚️極慈善之家 Love Force House of charity
活动宗旨: 恩惠之家感谢大家在这一年来的支持与关怀 去不一样的店面唱歌让大家聆听 希望可以带来欢乐以及表示谢意 恩惠之家也借此机会带孩子们出外走走看看 让孩子更了解外面的环境 ㊗️大家身体健康
在此也要感谢 Soon’s Kitchen 为孩子们准备丰富的晚餐 让他们唱得开心 吃得也开心 感谢您得付出
Date: 24th Nov 2019
Organizer: Rumah Charis
Co- Organizer: Love Force House of Charity
Activity Purpose: Rumah Charis wish to says thank you to all kind hearted people that contribute to them throughout this year so they performing singing at different restaurant to the customers as an appreciated. This event also allows the children to step from center to experience performing at the public. Wishing everyone good health!
We would like give a token of appreciation to Soon’s Kitchen that support our event and provides free dinner for these kids.
Roses for you, Leaves a handful of fragrance;
Begin with me, Leave euphoria an entrance!