A Visit to Rumah Charis on 15 Oct 2019

爱🈚極🇲🇾 慈善之家
📅 :2019年10🈷15日
🏠📍🇲🇾: 恩惠之家
🏎 出发点 :Crazy Kopitiam ,Sri Petaling
🚙🕰 :15分钟
🚗 :5.9KM
爱❤义工 :19人
受益人数 :30長者+45兒童
米 10包,soda饼36包,milo 18包 ,麦片12包,油8桶 ,米粉2包,藥物,尿片S、Mx2、L、XL,爱心饭盒 96包,生活用品
为善最乐❤, 由我开始!
祝福你 ❤❤❤
Love Force House of Charity
Date: 15th Oct 2019
Location: Rumah Charis
Departure Location: Crazy Kopitiam Sri Petaling
Distance: 15 minutes/ 5.9KM
Volunteer: 19 person
Beneficiary: 30 old folks & 45 kids
Donation Items: 10 packs Rice, 36 packs biscuit, 18 packs milo, 12 packs cereal, 8 cooking oil, 2 packs meehon, medicine, pamper( S, M, L, XL), 96 rice boxes, daily use products and many more.
Roses for you, Leaves a handful of fragrance;
Begin with me, leave euphoria an entrance!